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Adam Macciocchi Lancia

B. Toronto, Canada

Education. Bachelor of Fine Arts
OCAD University

Adam Macciocchi-Lancia is an internationally exhibited and selling visually impaired contemporary artist from Toronto, Canada.

Since 2007, Adam has dealt with very rare cases of cracked and detached retinas in both eyes, causing severe visual impairments. Despite numerous procedures and surgeries that regained some of his vision, he continues to deal with impairments to his sight. 

Through Adam's paintings, he explores multiple themes of the online world.

One is the theme of human connection that we can have with one another.

Also with human emotion, how someone else's body or facial pose can evoke a strong emotion. Adam combines his love for renaissance, art nouveau and pop art. He primarily paints women as he believes their figures, facial poses and sensualness embody the essence of art.

He also exposes what real life means today and how social media dictates others' interpretation of what we curate as our "real lives". His hand painted artworks reinterpret this using washes of diluted acrylic paints and intricate line work / imagery.

These create compositions that reveal the layers of messaging we are exposed to.

The constant influx of information we are processing from all sides every day and how so much of it can weigh on us. Through this process, he attempts to reveal a manufactured reality. As overwhelming as it is to create these pieces and with his visual impairments, Adam ironically finds a calm in closely immersing himself fully into his work.

Adam's foray into art started at the early age of two. However, his skills developed quickly as he was accepted to the Art Gallery of Ontario's "Young Artists Incubator" at age seven.

From exploring more of the technical aspects through his high school's art program to graduating with a BA in Fine Arts at OCAD U, Adam has incorporated all of his painting and illustration skills into his own artistic aesthetic.

Adam has sold internationally through commercial galleries and has exhibited his works for the internationally renowned "Art Basel Week". His works have also sold to raise money for various charities, including donations to Sick Kids Hospital, West Park Healthcare Centre, Dixon Hall and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada.

Adam's paintings have also caught the attention of many public figures like the pop band "Maroon 5", actresses "Tiffany Haddish, Lucy Hale, Jenna Dewan, Cheryl Hines," celebrities "October Gonzalez, Yris Palmer, Holly Madison," internationally known DJ "Chantel Jeffries," comedian "J.B. Smoove," internationally known models "Yovanna Ventura, Gabby Epstein, Julia Kelly, Sophia Miacova, Melinda London, Sophi Knight, Chelcie May" and internet star "Roy Purdy."


2024 - Canvas Art Bar (Port Credit, Canada)

2024 - West Park Healthcare Centre (Toronto, Canada)

2024 - West Park Hospital's Tournament of Stars (Toronto, Canada)

2024 - Sick Kids Hospital Fired Up Gala, Four Seasons Hotel (Toronto, Canada)

2023 - Silent H (Toronto, Canada)

2023 - Art
 Beast Miami for Art Basel Week (Miami, USA)

2023 - Artlabbe Gallery (Miami, USA)

2022 - Spectrum Miami for Art Basel Week, Mana Wynwood Convention Centre (Miami, USA)

2022 - The Local Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

2021 - The Local Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

2019 - "Rosedale BIA" 
(Toronto, Canada)

2019 - "Real Life", Narwhal Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

2019 - "Upstart Exhibition", Super Wonder Gallery (Toronto, Canada)

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